The Way to a Whole Life
by Noguchi Haruchika

The great thing is to live in such a way that you feel the fascination of being awake rather than asleep.

Asleep or awake, continue to breathe comfortably in the way to a whole life.

Only for those who live life vigorously is there sound sleep.
Only for those whose life has been fulfilled is there a peaceful death.

Life and death are natural.
Since there is life, there is death;
since there is death, there is life.
Life and death are not separable.
Life and death naturally attend on each other.

This is the essence of a whole life.

Life is suffering
Death is ease.

For those who live in a vital way, there are many sufferings; if only ease exists, they fall asleep.

Only those who live in a vital way do not take sufferings as sufferings, but find within themselves the enjoyment that inheres in their situation.

Within people there are demands for self-preservation and a demand for the continuance of the species. These demands solidify, and a person is born, grows and lives.

Without knowing why we are born, why we live or why we die, we simply act in accordance with these inner demands.

Nature lives through human beings.
Living and dying exist within life.
Being in accord with nature -
this is the naturalness of life !

Katsugen Undo by Noguchi Sensei



Daruma Museum, Japan


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