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From "Pure Heart, Simple Mind"® vol. 4, no.8, May 3, 2006
Official Newsletter of Seishindo™ 精心道

Please be sure to read this newsletter at a leisurely pace, while maintaining a soothing breathing pattern and a relaxed physiology. This is the same basic instruction we give over and over again during our workshops.

Start out by taking several deep breaths... Adjusting your posture... And tightening and then releasing various muscles throughout your head, neck, and body... When you tighten your muscles hold your breath... When you release your muscles breathe freely and deeply... When you feel "ready", breathe consciously and begin reading.

Your body plays an important role in maintaining your health and emotional well being.
The language of your body is

- sophisticated
- systematic
- complete

In a literal sense, the grammar of your body language determines the grammar of your spoken language.

Use your body in a more graceful, efficient manner, and you will find you become more emotionally balanced and solution oriented.

You will find that you slip in and out of understanding the meaning of your life. This is just the way things are meant to be.

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In Seishindo we support you in honoring the feelings and intuitive wisdom emanating from your body, heart, and soul. It is through the ups and downs of life that you discover your own unique path and actively live the life you desire and deserve.
When you discover and honor your unique connection to life, how you think and feel winds up matching your true heart's desire.


[著者紹介] チャーリー・バーデンホップ〈Charlie Badenhop〉

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