Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy focuses more on process (what is happening) than content (what is being discussed). The emphasis is on what is being done, thought and felt at the moment rather than on what was, might be, could be, or should be.

Gestalt therapy is a method of awareness, by which perceiving, feeling, and acting are understood to be separate from interpreting, explaining and judging using old attitudes. This distinction between direct experience and indirect or secondary interpretation is developed in the process of therapy.

The phenomenological method is comprised of three steps:

(1) the rule of epoché,
(2) the rule of description, and
(3) the rule of horizontalization (Spinelli, 2005).

In the rule of epoché one sets aside his or her initial biases and prejudices in order to suspend expectations and assumptions.
In the rule of description, one occupies him or herself with describing instead of explaining.
In the rule of horizontalization one treats each item of description as having equal value or significance.

Experimental freedom
Through experiments, the therapist supports the client’s direct experience of something new instead of the mere talking about the possibility of something new.


In field theory, self is a phenomenological concept, and is a comparison with 'other'. Without other there is no self, and how I experience other is inseparable from how I experience self. The continuity of selfhood (personality functioning) is something achieved rather than something inherent "inside" the person, and has its advantages and disadvantages.

... change comes about as a result of "full acceptance of what is, rather than a striving to be different" .

Dan Rosenblatt led Gestalt training groups in Japan for 7 years and Stewart Kiritz followed with public workshops and training workshops in Tokyo from 1997 through 2005.

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Robert H. Deluty

This paper addresses the commonalities between the creative processes and products of psychotherapists and haiku/senryu poets. These commonalities exist in the realms of awareness/insight; genuineness; here-and-now experiencing; interdependence of events; humor; use of blank space; and parsimony.
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Blue Puddles [Haiku]

Splash inside puddles ~
Do not be afraid ~
Your own gestalt therapy

Blue symbolic entities
shape your mind and soul
as well as your heart

Feel free and float there ~
Hot foam on cappuccino ~
Bump into the air

Broken promises
disappear before your eyes ~
You really don't mind

Hungry sandworms left on Dune
can't consume you now ~
You are free and clear

You begin (again) today
to see everything
with new perception

Listen to the sound
of the pulse of life
that surrounds you where you are

Beautiful pictures
wonderful feelings
God blesses you (and me too)

© Candy



Daruma Museum, Japan


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